FearlessCon: The Minimum Viable Product Methodology Isn’t Just for Software

Welcome, you badass bosses!


  1. Find a group of potential customers that you actually have access to. (If you can’t get access, that’s a problem better discovered sooner than later!)
  2. Survey them and find out their pain points. This might seem tedious, but not more tedious than sitting on your ass once you’ve spent your savings making something no one wants.
  3. Develop the minimum possible solution to that problem, which might just be coming over to the person’s house and solving their problem in person.
  4. Work out an offer—an actual product or service in exchange for an actual amount of money. Don’t ask people if they would pay you money, ask them to pay you money. Lots of people say they would buy something, but when asked to actually buy, they have a million reasons why not, or why not right now. Those objections are the #1 thing you need to know! For example, you could simply individually email the people you’ve surveyed and ask them if they want to buy your MVP. Provide a PayPal link. Actually ask the person to be your customer. Make it personal so it would be awkward for them to just ignore your email. If they don’t buy, thank them for helping you develop your business, and ask why the offer isn’t right for them. Get all the feedback. If a lot of the feedback says the same thing, do that other thing instead.
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