Coming up in The Bullish Society – a professional compliment challenge

#31Compliment Challenge to improve your network, build relationships and make the workplace better

This May, we’ll be introducing a Professional Compliment Challenge in The Bullish Society.

#31Compliments is a month-long challenge that aims to build your network, develop relationships and make the workplace better.

Each day we’ll share a small (and easy!) assignment to complete. Do what you can to participate with what’s applicable to you. Some things may not fit with your career path and goals, but we encourage you to attempt each challenge and see how it helps shape the network that you’re building.

Then we’ll discuss the challenges, outcomes, and experiences with each assignment.

We’ll work our way through workplace compliments, future employer/mentor compliments, online accolades, building up deserving coworkers, and killing assholes with kindness (or at least working on making them less asshole-y).

Join us in The Bullish Society for the #31Compliments challenge starting May 1st!  (No seriously, join The Bullish Society already!)

P.S. We have a free trial in The Bullish Society right now – check us out to see how this badass community of ambitious women can help you level up your life. 

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