Bullish Webinars Are Back! Self-Care, Side Hustles, Time Tracking, and Digging Out of Our Messes

I’m excited AF to announce that Bullish Webinars are back!  What’s that, webinars are back? Yes! I’ve taken a long break from doing webinars, but we’ve started up again for 2020, and they’ll be monthly from now on.

Yesterday I did a webinar on “How to Dig Yourself Out When You’re Behind on Your Tasks.”

Ever get so overwhelmed by your to-do list that you don’t know how to start?  If so, you’re not alone.  Don’t let the pressure of a long list of tasks paralyze you.  Stop getting intimidated and start getting sh*! done. Even if you’re, um, really behind. It happens.

If you are paralyzed by an ever growing to do list and need some help navigating we have a recording of the webinar available in the Get Bullish Shop! For Bullish Society Members, you will all receive free access to the recording.  If you’d like access to this & all upcoming webinars + access to our incredible network & career advice, join the Bullish Society today.

Additionally, we are going to be a conducting a challenges and live chats in the Bullish Society to keep us inspired and accountable for doing the things that help us maintain our momentum.

This month’s challenge is:  What Are You Late or Behind On? Let’s Fix It Together

Check out our upcoming events:

Mar 11 6pm ET: Webinar – Self-Care Without Patriarchal Bullshit

Mar 2-27
: Challenge – Physical Self Challenge: Join a supportive group where we improve our sleep, fitness, and other health habits without a single reference to anyone’s appearance! Amazing!
April 1 12pm ET:  Webinar – Start Your Side Hustle or Keep a Biz Idea in Your Back Pocket
April 20 9pm ET:  Live Chat – How to Apply the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) methodology to your business idea – and why you should!
May 13 6pm ET:  Webinar – Standard Operating Procedures: Your Secret Weapon to Delegate, Save Time, and Cut the Stress
May 18-22:  Challenge – Time Tracking Challenge: Find out together where our time goes and how to improve our lives — with data!




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