Bullish: This April, Manifest Your Prince of Perfect Rainbow Abundance

Note: This post was originally published on April 1, 2014, as an April Fool’s joke.

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It’s April! Just as spring is a time of renewal, so too can you be spiritually rebirthed, born anew with fresh possibility, and open to the gifts of the all-being around you.

Success doesn’t have to be so hard. Why live in a culture of rushing, working, trying, trial and error — when you can create a culture of nurturing worthiness around you? You deserve success that flows effortlessly to you.

Here’s how to DREAM IT TO BE.

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The “Secret” that “The Man” doesn’t want you to know

You may have heard some nonsense about manifesting. Nonsense like, “It doesn’t work,” or “Manifesting is just thinking about things, not taking action.” Not true! Manifesting your dreams is a JOURNEY OF EMPOWERMENT in which your INNER REALITY creates OUTWARD ABUNDANCE.

As women, we have alternate ways of knowing.

You know what I know? You deserve a lifestyle of abundance. Role models from Buddha to Jesus to Mother Gaia and the Dalai Lama all model a lifestyle of abundance. How do you create abundance? By OPENING yourself to the abundance all around you. You can attract wealth to yourself 1) by creating a spiritual channel from the universe to you through which wealth can travel, 2) by closing down negative thoughts that cut off the abundance all around you. Negativity creates poverty, whether real or spiritual. Positivity opens the infinite channels of the universe.

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Don’t let anyone steal your dreams!

If your dream is just about you and doesn’t benefit anyone else ever, that’s okay. In fact, those are the BEST kind of dreams, because they’re yours. If you dream hard enough and shut out all the negative people (A NEGATIVE MIND WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A POSITIVE LIFE), your dreams will come true. If it sometimes seems to take a long time, just never give up dreaming. You are a star if you believe it in your heart. Did you see Mariah Carey in Glitter? That’s my MBA.

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Everything happens for a reason.

We all face hard times in our lives, but whether you believe in a God who created the universe or in a spiritual energy that nurtures us, know that everything makes perfect sense on the other side. Your pain is part of a beautiful tapestry masterminded by the universe. If you are suffering now, comfort is on the way! If you are held back, discriminated against, or disadvantaged in any way, know that the universe is keeping score. All things ultimately come back into balance. Einstein wrote that energy is all around us, and everything is relative. Let the energy flow through you, and believe that the threads of the universe are weaving a beautiful story in which you are the star and the hero.

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Just be yourself, and your prince will come.

Whether you’re an Ariel or a Belle or a Cinderella, there is always a prince in the end! Otherwise, how could it be your story?

Is your “prince” a dream job? A glamorous lifestyle? A life of exotic travel? Never doubt that your prince is on his way. How can you attract him (or it) to you? If your prince is a dream job, just put your positive energy into the universe and let the job come to you. If it’s fame and fortune, live like a celebrity, wherever you are, and the world will see you’re a star. If it’s the love of your life, put on a little lip gloss, smile, and love will come your way.

I’ll bet you’ve been blocking the channels of success by letting in negative thoughts — that’s the problem most people have! You can turn over a new leaf. Give the world a smile, get that twinkle back in your eye, and let the good things come to you.

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If you want rainbows, don’t give your energy to “drainbows”

To stay positive, you need to keep out anyone who criticizes you or your beliefs, tells you that your dreams aren’t headed your way, or insists that the world “isn’t fair” or “needs change.” If you’re caught up in seeing the negative, how can you pursue the positive? It’s like driving a car — keep your eyes where you want the car to go.

Negative people drain your energy. Does a shining star get angry about politics? Why fight when you could be filled with love?

Remember science class? A negative can never attract a positive. Remember math class? Two negatives can never make a positive. Have you ever seen a rainbow after a storm? No, right? Storms just produce “drainbows.” Don’t let drainbows steal your positive energy.

When drainbows talk, just put your proverbial (or real!) fingers in your proverbial (or real!) ears, and stay inside the internal world of your own magnificent inner creation, where everything is positive, everything is about you, and your dreams are always just a dream away.

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April Fool’s! Actually, the opposite of all of that. Enjoy the rest of the site!

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