Bullish Q&A UPDATE: “Should I Quit Grad School for a Startup?”

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A couple weeks ago we ran a reader question about whether to quit grad school to work for a startup.

The original writer has sent us an update!

I just wanted to let you know that ultimately, I chose not to go with that startup. I couldn’t answer your question about “Why this startup?” There was nothing special about it. Your comment “another app that helps privileged urban people make their lives slightly more convenient” really bothered me, because although this startup’s general vision was noble, it wasn’t solving a problem that would really improve the quality of life other people. (Great article on The Unexotic Underclass in the MIT Entrepreneurship Review). Also, I realized I was about to say YES without even knowing the business model — and ALARMINGLY worse, that the other founders failed to even discuss that with me! Do I really want to invest my time and effort in founding a company with being run that kind of mindset?

Of course not.

And what a great metaphor! It really resonated with me because, um, I’ve been proposed to 3 times at the age of 21 and yes…I’ve said no to all of them! I didn’t settle for that, why would I settle now?

Ha! We love it. Read the original post here.

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