Bullish on The Muse…How to Brazenly Ask for Favors to Boost Your Career

How to brazenly ask for favors to boost your career by Jen Dziura of Get Bullish

In December, I led a workshop on “Designing Your 2015,” and I learned something I did not expect.

A couple dozen women had boldly sized up 2014—the victories, the unmet goals, the excuses—and envisioned the ideal 2015 and how to get there.


How to ask for favors to boost your career - a Get Bullish article by Jen DziuraThere was one part of the exercise, though, that gave even the most ambitious women jitters. It was a worksheet page entitled “Who can help?” You list who is able to help you, what they could help you with, and when you’re going to ask.

Read Jen’s tips on The Muse.

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