Bullish on The Muse…How to Be Productive When You’re a Little Tipsy

Bullish columns will now appear monthly on The Daily Muse. Additional articles from Jennifer are also appearing on DailyWorth, Medium, and here on GetBullish.

I drink a lot. And I am very productive.

I’ll clarify—I drink regularly. But slowly, and with gravitas. I have no interest in falling over drunk or losing my inhibitions. I drink because Prosecco has bubbles and that makes everything in life 30% better, and it’s hard to find anything else that makes everything in life 30% better for $12.

Also, like a lot of people, I find that my social life—and even my business networking—involves a lot of drinking. A friend of mine from Toronto came to New York to take some meetings and commented, “In New York, when people say ‘meet for coffee,’ they mean ‘meet for two drinks.’ How does anyone even walk?”

To find out the answer, keep reading here.

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