Bullish on The Muse…Dear Everyone: Let’s Ban “Working Mom” From Our Vocabulary

Hey everyone, let's ban the worlds "working mom" from our vocab - by Jen Dziura

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There are some words I want to kill from the English language.

First, “career woman.”

This needs to go the way of “lady lawyer” and “coed.” Women are college students and attorneys, and they have careers. Sure, some women don’t have careers. Neither do some men. But no one says “career man.” We don’t need a special moniker for the fairly obvious act of supporting oneself by working for money in an increasingly specialized manner over time. Kill it. Kill it in a fire.

Next on my list? “Mommy,” when spoken by anyone over the age of six. And “mom,” “mother,” and “working mother,” when spoken in a workplace.

These words don’t belong in a professional environment. They are unnecessary reminders of some people’s status as part of a disadvantaged class. They’re overly personal. It’s inappropriate.

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