Bullish on APW: The “Minimum Viable Product” Model Isn’t Just for Software Companies


No, this post has nothing to do with weddings! APW is our feminist ladybiz internet sister.

I have started a number of micro-to-medium-sized businesses over the years, and I have made the same mistake almost every time.

That mistake? Spending money before making money, which—surprise!—isn’t the best business strategy. Because if you’ve got the cash, it’s much, much easier (and more fun!) to buy logos and business cards and supplies and seminars and memberships to various online services (“Ooh, I’m gonna need Photoshop!”) than it is to actually go out, sell something, and actually bring home some money. Mmm, business!

All of this is basically business porn that people use for bizturbation.

Let’s pare it down: The only thing that is actually literally essential to having a business is that someone pays you money for something. If you’re feeling a little intimidated by the process of starting a business, it’s nice to just focus on one thing.

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