Bullish is Moving! To a Real Bosslady Office/Warehouse!

It’s moving week!

Bullish Headquarters is officially moving to Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on Wednesday! We’re packing up our business tiaras and blazers (and the contents of our tiny warehouse) and creating a bullish space that includes not only industrial shelving for our increasingly complex GetBullish Shop shipping activities, but also a wee warehouse nursery.



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Our neighbors at Industry City include fashion designers, magazines, food vendors, manufacturers, film production companies and everything in between. BUST Magazine is there. There’s a food hall with tacos (and a photo booth!)

In other good news, our new Brooklyn office will serve as the location for many Bullish Society meetups!  We’ll host networking events and spending some quality time with the bullicorns of NYC. 

We’ll be sharing more details on our new space and projects soon. Stay tuned!

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