The Ten Reasons Why BullCon 2020 is Headed to Virginia Beach

When scoping out a potential city for BullCon 2020 we had some tough decisions on our hands.  We had to make sure that we picked a location that was equal parts chill and fun so that our BullCon attendees would get to enjoy a sweet getaway in addition to the conference. We ended up choosing the beautiful and scenic Virginia Beach.  Here were the top ten factors that proved to us the VA Beach was the perfect location for our badass conference:

1. Beaches upon beaches. VA Beach has not one, two, but three incredible beaches to explore. Visit them all with the new ambitious feminist friends you’ll meet at BullCon.




2. The perfect temperature. If you like sundresses but hate boob sweat VA Beach is perfect for you.  




3. It just turned blue AF.  To reward them, we’re hosting our conference there and inviting the best people we know!




4. Beachside Social. This venue is so cool that we HAD to host our conference there.  Have you ever been to a conference where you get to level up your career, and intermittently play shuffleboard? Well, you totally can at BullCon.



5. Foodie heaven. VA Beach has an incredible culinary scene. Plenty of great local restaurants to visit because hey, you’re on vacation!




6. VA Beach is super convenient to get to. With Bullicorns living all over the country, we had to be sure we picked a location that was accessible.




7. VA Beach is crazy fun!  If you’re like us and you enjoy a cocktail or two after a long day of kicking ass, enjoy the booming bar scene.




8. The ViBe District is pretty much your Pinterest Board come to life. After a long day of career domination, treat yourself to some local art!




9. When you come to BullCon you get a local tour guide. Our fierce founder, Jen, is from VA Beach and she’s got the inside scoop on where to go.




10. And finally, VA Beach is awesome because it’s chill. The perfect spot for a intimate conference like ours. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!




At Get Bullish we see no need to compromise between fun and career badassery which is how we picked the amazing Virginia Beach to host BullCon 2020.  Don’t catch a bad case of FOMO – join us at BullCon for fun, career development, incredible human beings, and the beach.

Come to BullCon!


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