BullCon18 Speaker – Katie Dutcher with “Caring for Your Introverted/HSP Self: Practices for Meeting Your Needs & Cultivating Your Strengths”

BullCon18 in Palm Springs will be an event to remember! We’re thrilled to welcome Katie Dutcher to this year’s speaker lineup.

We caught up with Katie for a quick Q&A. Get a sneak peak below.

Tell us a tiny bit about your topic and what to expect from you at BullCon18

As most introverts and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) know, much of the world is geared toward extroversion and lower sensitivity. At work, collaboration and open plan office spaces are often the norm, and wherever we go, stores blast music and use smells and bright colors to attract…but since some of us thrive in very different sorts of environments, it’s easy for us to feel “out of our element” and get tired or overstimulated easily. That often translates into thinking that we’re deficient or that there something wrong with us, when that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Luckily, awareness of this is growing, and there’s more and more literature coming out that speaks to the strengths and unique capabilities of introverts and HSPs. In the presentation that I’m developing for this year’s Bullish Conference, I’m not speaking about introverts and HSPs, but to us, and I’m not trying to convince anyone that we’re just great the way we are, thank you very much: We already know this. I’m going to discuss how we take care of ourselves in a way that supports us and gives us what we need, so that we can go out into this loud and busy world feeling as grounded, strong, and safe as we can be, so that we can show up in the way that we intend to at our jobs and everywhere else. Over the years, I’ve compiled a really helpful set of practices and ideas that I will share, and I’m excited to hear the wisdom that other introverts will bring as well.

Without giving too much away, what’s your number one tip to help introverts to take care of themselves?

For me, the most important tip is the foundation: figure out what is great about being you, just the way you are. How is introversion or high sensitivity a superpower for you? For example, are you intuitive, able to sense what people mean when they haven’t said much, or able to read the vibe of the room and respond accordingly? Are there other ways that your style has been a benefit in your work and personal life?

When you begin seeing your style in this way (rather than as a limitation), you begin to give your needs more credence, and you’re more likely to take care of yourself in a kinder and wiser way. Once you’re convinced of this and behaving accordingly, the rest of the world will follow…and if they don’t, you just may not care as much anyway. 😉 So that’s the first step: start to flip your perspective to honoring your own style.

How can we follow you online? (website, social links etc.)

You can follow me through my coaching practice, Flourish & Bloom. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Join me Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am PST for live meditations, or find them afterward on YouTube!

I’m also a founding teacher at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio www.montereybaymeditation.com. Check us out on Instagram @montereybaymeditation, Twitter @mbmeditation, Facebook , and YouTube

Is there anything else we should know/you want to share?

I love working with people on their own practices: learning to meditate, dealing with anxiety, maintaining boundaries, practicing self-compassion…hit me up at hello@katiedutcher.com or check out my coaching page for info.


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