BullCon18 Speaker: Erin Grace on Never Stop Looking: Using Constructive Greed to Advance Your Career

Erin Grace - BullCon18

BullCon18 is right around the corner and we’re so excited to welcome speaker Erin Grace.

She’ll be joining us and covering Never Stop Looking: Using Constructive Greed to Advance Your Career

Here’s a quick blurb on what to expect:

You made your resume, interviewed for the position, and finally got the job. Sweet! But when should you start looking for a new job? When is it okay angle for the promotion? When is the right time look for entrepreneurial opportunities in your current job or outside it? Short answer: immediately. In this talk, I cover why you should never stop looking for the next thing, the myth of waiting to apply, why numbers trump “experience,” and how being greedy makes you less hungry and more likely to succeed.

We caught up with Erin for a quick Q&A. Check it out below to learn more:


Hi Erin! Can you tell us a tiny bit about your topic and what to expect from you at BullCon18. 

My talk is about the advantages of pushing forward in your career even before you “should” – like when you’re new to a position, or new to a role, or when you’re happy. Even if you have no intention of saying “yes,” there are some serious advantages to pushing forward anyway.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever heard when it comes to advancing your career and looking for advancement?

The worst advice I’ve ever heard is actually very common: to wait until you’ve been in the job “longer” before going for your next move. Everyone seems to agree that you won’t get the job you want if you don’t have enough on-paper experience, but no one can agree how long you should wait before you start putting out feelers for something else – I’ve heard everything from 6 months to 2 years. However, I’ve found that waiting any amount of time creates unnecessary barriers to moving forward with your career. You can’t know what level of experience an employer is really looking for, especially when experience itself is only a small part of the overall melange that makes a successful candidate. Don’t tell yourself no – make them do it.

We can’t wait to learn more at BullCon18! Until then, how can we stay in touch?



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