#BullCon17 – All Access Passes Available Now!

We are so excited to announce that #BullCon17 All Access Passes are officially on sale!

Mark your calendars, this is going to be an amazing year.

The Bullish Conference is a career conference for feminists who want to make the world and the workplace better. GetBullish and the Bullish Conference have been bringing it since 2013.

At the 5th annual BullCon, there is no reason you can’t have a roundtable on sexism in the workplace followed by champagne. Literally none.

#BullCon is an inspiring event for feminist badasses at all stages of their careers, from students and entry-level employees to midcareer badasses and elder stateswomen. Since 2013, we have hosted attendees from ages 19 to 60. Some of us are employees, some are entrepreneurs or want to be someday. Some of us have PhDs, some of us skipped college. Some of us are looking for what we want to do, some of us are rocking it and want to give back. But we’re all interested in deepening our knowledge, supercharging our careers, and contributing as much as we can to making work better for women and more fair for everyone.


This year, the #bullicorns are taking DC! We’ll be meeting in rooms like The Situation Room and The West Wing (seriously!).

Our dress code will be First Woman President (obvs.), whatever that means to you, so bring it. (Seriously, there’s no dress code, we’re just suggesting you can have fun with this if you want.)

We’ll cover topics like personal development, career hacks, to-do list makeovers, side hustles and planning your 2018.

We’re even offering separate tracks – Side Hustle Sisterhood, Slay @ Work, and Personal Development Powerhouse – so you can personalize and customize your experience.


The conference will be Thursday November 2- Sunday November 5th, but the main conference events are Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th. Gear up for the year with wisdom and new ideas while meeting badass ladybosses, future CEOs, academics, world-changers, and new BFFs.

New at #BullCon17:

This year, we’ll be introducing our Returning Expert Program where we will bring back previous BullCon speakers to meet one-on-one with attendees for 30 minute sessions to help them level up. This is first-come-first-served and we only have 24 spots available, so if you’re interested, please make sure you sign up early before the spots are taken.

This year’s Returning Experts:

Casey and Julie of Vital Voice

Casey Erin Clark has been teaching vocal production, public speaking, accent modification, and singing to clients of all ages for the last 10 years, working with the prestigious TADA Youth Theater, NY Speech Coaching, the Studio New Canaan, and her private studio.

Julie Fogh is an actor and teacher in NYC. She holds an MFA from Northern Illinois University, and a BA in Theatre and Women Studies from University of Washington, and is certified Associate Teacher in the Fitzmaurice Voice Technique.

Co-founders of Vital Voice Training, Bullcon 2014 speakers and Bullcon2016/November Bullish Society resident experts can coach you on:

  • Public speaking
  • Voice and presence
  • Communication and difficult conversations
  • Networking (as an extrovert, introvert, or in between), etc.


Katie Dutcher of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio

A teacher of mindfulness and meditation who believes that cultivating greater awareness is key to living a more satisfying life. Trained as a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Katie coaches individuals who are interested in being more aware, feeling better, and living better.

In sessions at BullCon17, Katie will offer a listening ear, encouragement and support for changes you’re wanting to experience, resources and tips from a variety of sources, and ideas for practice and reflection. Schedule a session with Katie if…

  • You’re interested in knowing more about mindfulness and meditation and how they can help you in very practical ways.
  • You’d like to know what is meant by having a “meditation practice” and how to create one.
  • You’re in need of support in working with uncertainty, anxiety, approval-seeking, self-compassion (not being so hard on yourself)


Jamie Lee of She Negotiates

A workshop leader specializing in helping ambitious women build and flex their asking muscle through tailored and hands-on negotiation training. Because you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate in life and in business. She has a vision of helping one thousand women boldly ask for what they desire from their work. She’s working on making that vision a reality through learning, coaching, and sharing.

Here’s what you can expect from a session with Jamie:

  • Draft your unique value proposition statement that gets employers & clients invested in what you have to offer, so that you can confidently ask for the top end of the market range.
  • Start planning a custom strategy for negotiating a new job offer, raise or promotion so you can get what you’re worth.
  • Learn the framework for collaborative negotiation. Also learn contentious tactics so you’re prepared when they’re used against you.
  • Advice on how to deal with pushback and respond to no so you’re prepared for all contingencies.

Pop-Up Market:

We’ll also be offering our first-ever Pop-Up Market! Do you have a business or side hustle? Upgrade your conference pass for $150 to get a pop-up market table where you can promote your business or sell items on the spot. Just want to browse? We’ll mingle, network, and shop bullicorn-made goods! (Come to Bullish’s own table to upgrade your feminist sock collection!)


We’ll be announcing speakers throughout the spring and summer! With three separate tracks, we’re offering more power-packed sessions and options than ever before.

Welcome to DC

The Embassy Row Hotel is an LGBT-friendly – and straight-up beautiful – hotel in Dupont Circle. We hope to meet you (or see you again!) there!

Tickets go on sale Monday April 3rd at shop.getbullish.com. See you in DC! 

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