#BullCon14 sponsor spotlight: La Paso Bien & Beth of All Trades

Summer tote bag by La Paso Bien

Pao started La Paso Bien as a screen print workshop, but quickly wanted to make millions of different things, experiment with various materials and start crazy projects with every cool person that intersected her path. La Paso Bien can translate to something like “having a great time” and her idea is to play around with design and create unique and useful things, with a laid back vibe. La Paso Bien is dedicated to creating single unique products and small runs.

Pao loves diversity and getting inspiration from multiple sources and people. She likes creating unique things that can end up miles away from where they were made and become the favorite item of someone. Hopefully! That is what she’s aiming for 🙂

Lydia supervises while Beth of All Trades takes photos

Beth Hommel is the Owner, Maker, Designer, Creator of Many Things behind Beth of All Things. Started in 2009, Beth of All Things began as a creative outlet for a single workaholic who spent all of her time problem-solving in the music industry. Five years later, Beth is a full-time art-making entrepreneur and she runs her shop with the help of her fiancee Kayla.

Easily identifiable by her bright pink hair & many tattoos, Beth is a Brooklynite who loves things that sparkle, cats, folk music, vintage dresses, sushi & her fiancee, Kayla. She has more hobbies than she has toes. Kayla helps with marketing, new concepts, design troubleshooting & she’s the fastest button-maker this side of the Mississippi. She is an artist, musician & cat-photo-Instagrammer. After 5+ years with Beth, Kayla has learned to tolerate glitter.

Their goal is to celebrate diversity by thinking of couples of all genders, sexual orientations, races, sizes, ages and ability levels when we design. We create for people who break the mold— it never fit anyone perfectly anyway.

Beth of All Things and La Paso Bien are BullCon sponsors, and we’re thrilled to welcome them aboard.

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