Best of Bullish: Look Ahead & Get To Work This Winter

Look Ahead & Get to Work

With the season of all-day pajamas, all-night parties, and all the things with “nog” in them approaching, here’s some motivation to get shit done. Be a bullicorn while everyone else is “chilling.”

Use The Holidays To Get Ahead (While Sitting On Your Mom’s Couch)

However, the holiday season is a lovely opportunity to email anyone you want to pitch something to, or to just make nice and build up goodwill.


Gratitude Is Nice, But Don’t Let It Keep You From Action

Sometimes “gratitude” is just something we do inside our own heads to lie to ourselves without having to make any real changes.


Extreme Advance Planning For Very Smart Women

You might find that putting this into practice requires sounding like a crazy person to less ambitious people. It might even require getting new friends, if the ones you have constantly discourage you from doing what’s smart: developing multiple income streams, or forcing yourself to network or maintain a professional blog in your off-hours when everyone else wants to try out yet another new lounge. It’s hard for someone who’s building a real future to spend the bulk of her social life with people whose constant refrain is, “I’m tired from work. Let’s see a movie.”


Does “Happiness” Demand That We All Just Chill? (Hint: No)

A day on the beach feels a lot better when you remembered to vote, when you know where your chemotherapy’s coming from in case the Sun gives you cancer, and — ideally, when you’ve built up an empire — that the people you manage, or your proteges, or your children, are furthering your life’s work in your absence while you relax.


How To Motivate Yourself To Be Motivated

I have three answers: Disgust, Fear, and Revenge.


And on The Muse: How To Be Productive When You’re A Little Tispy

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