Best of Bullish: For the New Bullicorns, Recent Grads, Millennials


If you’re a Bullicorn who has just graduated college or is in the midst of some other beginning (starting a business, switching careers), you are in the right place. We’ve pulled together some of the best Bullish articles for you to use as you charge into the wide world with Bullishness heretofore unseen.

Using Your College Skills to Succeed After College (Even if you, like Jen, majored in something “useless” like philosophy).

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What I Wish I Had Known When I Was 18

Do you remember the days before the internet? Not really, because you were a child? No problem! Turns out, people were productive back then too, and here’s their best tips.

Way back when, it was also kind of harder to procrastinate. You really had to admit that that was what you were doing, because work and procrastination could not take place on the same device. (You just try to procrastinate on a typewriter!) If you were supposed to sit in a chair and write something but you were actually watching television or baking brownies, you really had to face the fact that you were fucking around. You’re in a completely different part of the house!


Stop being late. Seriously. Stop it.

How to Turn an Internship Into a Full-Time Job

Did you grow up not-rich and now you feel weird at work? Here is probably why!

Does Work Life Balance Mean You Should Work More?

“Do you intend to retire some day? Would you like to have a baby and invest substantial time in caring for it? If there is some phase of your life during which you will be working 15 hours a week, then maybe you should work 60 now.”


To Think About: How to Be An Adult in the Modern Age.

Now go forth and Be Bullish!

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