Best of Bullish: Be A Gentlewoman

BoB Be A Gentlewoman

What is a Gentlewoman, you ask?

A gentlewoman is generous, genuine, comfortable in a diverse array of social situations and foreign cultures, dresses appropriately, stands up straight, tips well, knows to take a Japanese person’s business card with both hands, and can pronounce “Hefeweizen” … but hardly considers all of these things a full-time fucking job. These are the basic requirements; they cannot occupy more than 5% of your mental space if you’re going to get anything at all done.

How to Run Your Career Like A Gentlewoman

Take Care of Your Body Like a Gentlewoman

Don’t Be Afraid of Aging, do it Strategically and with Panache.

The benefits of being young and beautiful are not as abundant as they might seem. It is helpful in any career to be reasonably attractive, yes, and certainly being young and beautiful can be a pleasure in itself. I was 23 when my cheekbones came in. It was glorious for a season, but I still didn’t have health insurance. Beauty does not translate into money or other actual benefits as directly as one might think.

How to Travel Like A Gentlewoman

Is Olivia Pope the ultimate gentlewoman? Probably not, but her clothes are very gentlewomanly.

PS: Come Hang Out with Other Gentlewomen at the Bullish Conference in October.

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