Best of Bullish 2015: Roundup and Reading List

Best of 2016

We all know evaluation is best practice, so while preparing for the year ahead, it’s important (and fun!) to look back and celebrate the goals achieved, the milestones met and various other successes of the current year.

The third annual Bullish Conference came to NYC! Our year of Bullish webinars was awesome.

Here’s the Get Bullish traditional handily-categorized directory of the past year in bullishness.

2016 RoundUp Titles

How to (Effectively) Be a Feminist in the Workplace

How to Brazenly Ask for Favors to Boost Your Career

5 Ways To Be More Ballsy (Even If You Don’t Have Balls)

Are You Guilty Of Emotional Tomfoolery? We Are

The True Secret To Success? Quit

6 Ways To Shut Down Sexist Comments At Work

This Champagne-Fueled Shindig Will Make Achieving Your Goals Oh So Much More Fun

3 Stealthy Ways to Make Sure You Have the Upper Hand at Work

Hey Ladies—Here’s How to Ignore All the Critics and Use Upspeak to Your Advantage

My Motto: Screw Productivity Tips That Only Make Your Life More Stressful

2016 RoundUp Titles (1)

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

How And When To Work For Free

6 Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs

How To Host A Conference – With No Money

6 Ways To Stand Out At A Conference

How To Handle A Bad Boss

Your Social Media Strategy – From Facebook To LinkedIn

How to Get Heard in Meetings

How To Parent Equally When You Both Work Full-Time

3 Reasons You’re Always Late — and How to Fix Them

What to Do When You’re Bored at Your Job

How to Nail Your First Day on the Job

5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Saving Money

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Career for a Baby

From Freelancing to Group Projects: How to Get Credit for Your Work

4 Ways to Become a Morning Person

2016 RoundUp Titles (2)

Win The Game That Excites You – On Matching Your Life To Your Strengths

Incompetent Boss? Opportunity For You!

“My Boss Changes The Schedule Last Minute And My Friends Say To Shut Up And Take It”

“My Ex Owes Me $2K And He’s Blocked Me On Facebook”

Imposter Syndrome? The One Secret That Will Change The Way You Look At Everyone

Want To Do All The Things? Focus By Defining Your Endgame

When Your Interviewer Says You’re Too “Intense And Ambitious”

I’ve Got A Side Hustle But Am I Thinking Too Small

Caring For Financially Irresponsible Parents

I Like My Job – Do I Really Need A Side Gig?

2 Questions From A B-School Student

How To Protect Yourself If Your Job Isn’t Stable

Help, My Housemate Owes Me Money And Won’t Talk About It

What To Do About Your Racist Family

How Do I Stay Bullish If I Need A Lot Of Sleep?

How Do You Get Motivated For A Huge, Unimaginable Change? (Like Graduation)

How Do I Determine How Much I Can Charge For My Expertise?

How To Effectively Share Examples Of Your Work

How To Comfortably (And Nicely!) Talk About Money

Is It Okay To Date Someone Who’s Good For Your Career?

Escaping The “Golden Handcuffs”

How To Negotiate a Noncompete

How To Quit Your Job With Class

Deal With Stress Aggressively

Side Hustles, Schedules and Setting Boundaries

Is Writing A Book A Good Side Hustle?

“I Feel” That You’re A Misogynistic Jackass: A Case Against “I” Statements

How To Turn An Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Help! My Job Experience Isn’t “Professional”

My Family Wants Me To Get A Boyfriend

Help! I Didn’t Go To A “Good” School

How To Be So “Productive” That You Hate Life And Everyone Hates You

How Not To Tweet Like A Douchebag

What Lean In Gets Wrong: How I Balance a Career, Marriage, and Parenthood

Not All Women Want To Date A “Career Man”

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