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The 2013 Bullish Conference feels, simultaneously, like it was just yesterday and like it was a million years away. On the one hand, I can’t believe how clearly I remember everything about it – the workshops, meeting Bullicorns from around the world, the beautiful pool and beach, running down Collins Avenue to find bottles of wine for thirsty Bullicorns – but on the other hand, so much has happened since then! Bullish Conference 2013 was seven months ago and Bullish Conference 2014 is still five months away. We’re passed the halfway point, but I could still use a boost to get through the remaining months. Here’s a few highlights from last year for those of us feeling extra nostalgic:

Emily also wrote summaries of every talk and workshop at BullCon2013, with lots of tips and info for Bullicorns following along at home. Below:

  • Conquering Your Schedule Hour by Hour: Laura Vanderkam offered strategies for controlling your schedule, as opposed to letting your schedule control you.
  • Pitching To Editors And Beyond“Go to all the parties and talk to all the people.” Just one of Jennifer Wright’s honest, insightful, and extremely helpful tips on pitching as a writer and in everyday life.
  • Planning Your 2014 At #BullCon2013Bullish goals require bullish planning. Jen’s talk involved a lot of introspective time by the pool – we all took our worksheets and sat in the sun, reviewing the accomplishments of our past year and thinking about what we hoped to accomplish in the year ahead. We might be halfway through 2014 already, but I’d highly recommend downloading the worksheet yourself – it’s available on the Get Bullish store. I like to revisit my original worksheet and update it every few months, to make sure I’m on track with my priorities.
  • Negotiating For Your Career And BeyondAnother poolside workshop: Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee talked about the skills necessary for Bullicorns to ask – and get – raises, and then we paired up and practiced beside the pool.
  • Time Management IRL: Oh, LOL, this is me! I spoke about managing my time as Jen’s assistant, the publisher of WORN, and as a freelance writer.
  • Top Ten Principles of Bullishness: Jen finished the conference with a review of the most important principles for Bullicorns – about your future self, multiple income streams, aggression and entrepreneurship, amongst others. It’s the perfect list of quick pick-me-ups for Bullicorns in need of some picking-up.

And some miscallaenous highlights:

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