Apply for a Tech Position That Doesn’t Exist

Photo via #WOCinTech Chat
Photo via #WOCinTech Chat

Jack Donovan, an editorial assistant and programmer at Wired, has a suggestion for getting the perfect job: make it yourself.

Any old enterprise company is bound to have existing positions for CIOs, security managers and software engineers. But there’s a slew of job titles that upper management may not have heard before, or may have disregarded as passing fads or buzzwords.


When you work for an established company, you might assume that the words ‘social media manager’ or ‘cloud administrator’ will sound terrifying to your employer – worse, they might sound completely meaningless. But as mentioned in Bullish: Be A Badass, Not An Intern, if you wait for your dream position to be advertised, then it’s not much of an opportunity – “The best opportunities are the one you invent.”

Another option, mentioned in Bullish: How To Run Your Career Like A Business, is becoming an intrapreneur, someone who leads a ‘startup’ within their existing company.

Donovan offers some solid bullet points for how to accomplish creating the best position for you, but Bullicorns can probably guess what the most important one is – tech skills. As mentioned in several Bullish columns, tech skills are just not optional for your career, any more than reading skills or social skills.

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