A Very #BullCon2013 Reading List

Over the last three years, Bullish has tackled issues related to the workplace, money, entrepreneurship, romance, friendships, travel, gender relations, fitness, philanthropy, and more all-around gentlewomanly ballsiness. Now Bullicorns from all over the world will have a chance to meet at the first ever Bullish Conference in Miami, Florida – and in preparation, I’ve assembled a reading list! For some of us, it might be more of a “re-reading” list, but it never hurts to re-read, refresh, and recharge a classic Bullish column, particularly as we start getting our back-to-school-game on.

All of the articles listed below reflect an aspect of #BullCon2013: networking without doing any traditional networking, unique approaches to relaxation, and of course, getting productive and planning an empire.

For a complete archive of Bullish columns, click here. For more information on Bullish Conference 2013, visit the official website.

Networking For People Who Hate Networking

Re-Thinking Relaxation

Getting To Work

Planning Your Empire

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