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  • Spent a decade in the test prep industry, teaching the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and many other tests, as well as writing and co-writing GRE and GMAT books and products for Manhattan Prep, where I also designed a 27-hour GRE curriculum used by
    Manhattan’s instructors nationwide
  • Developed a series of workshops on Intellectual Performance Enhancement, including specific training in logic, making inferences, improving working memory, and speed math
  • Completed a masters degree in Education with a focus in Brain-Based Teaching and Learning
  • Studied philosophy at an Ivy League university
  • Run a web development company
  • Run a luxury catsitting company that now has a branch in a second city
  • Written two public-health oriented online children’s books for the C. Everett Koop Institute
  • Written a humorous “Guide to Debate” booklet for Vice Magazine and Dewars Scotch
  • Debated in public debates with experts in politics, law, and science
  • Worked as a Director of Marketing of an Ivy League-oriented social networking site
  • Spoken at universities and for companies around the country about topics including first-generation college students, networking without being fake, and designing your own career
  • Consulted for a local PBS affiliate on how to make an algebra show fun for teens
  • Appeared on two television pilots for major networks as a “genius”
  • Run a popular adult spelling bee for a decade
  • Produced a male beauty pageant
  • Run trivia nights, vocabulary competitions, and geography tournaments
  • Consulted with professionals from Asia, the Middle East, and South America on American business culture, American business English, business email writing, and job interview strategies
  • Consulted with men from abroad about how to date American women in a chill, non-creepy, respectful, feminist way (really!)
  • Consulted with a Saudi startup on web copy, company slogan, and cultural issues involved in advertising to an American audience
  • Turned a collection of articles – Bullish – into a real and profitable company
  • Developed an app for GetBullish
  • Developed a profitable webinar program for GetBullish
  • Produced three annual Bullish Conferences, and two internet marketing conferences before that

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