Friday Links: BullCon2013 Edition

Chantal Nyantebuka at #BullCon2013. Photo by Julie Lavoie.

What happens in Miami definitely does not stay in Miami, as evidenced by the many tweets, Instagram photos, and blog posts that came from our first ever Bullish Conference at the Surfcomber Hotel.

Emily Brown, the winner of our BullCon Blogger Scholarship, posted updates from each session throughout the conference – you can read them all here. Julie Lavoie, official BullCon photographer, has uploaded a bunch of photos as well Flickr page.

Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee, the leader of the Hands-On Workshop for Negotiation Prowess, wrote about her experiences in Miami here. Amy Hanlon and Emily Chapman, two BullCon attendees, wrote about their experiences on their respective blogs. You can read Amy’s post on her blog here and Emily’s post here. Spoiler alert: everyone had a great time! How could you not have a great time at a conference that boasts gravitas and unicorn horns?

Another BullCon attendee, Chantal Nyantebuka, joined us from the Homestead Jobs Corp Center in Homestead, Florida. Chantal is a student about to graduate from the Center and wants to be an author and lawyer – here’s what she had to say about attending the conference:

Saturday morning I went to the Bullish Conference where I learned to manage my time. The first thing I liked about the conference is that I had a chance to go to one of the finest hotels on South Beach. I had never been to South Beach before. I had a chance to meet many of the most successful women that I have ever met. They were all friendly. They helped me learn how to manage my time by telling me how better schedule my day. I also learned how to negotiate regarding my job, especially how to get promoted. I learned how to negotiate with my salary as well.

The most important thing that was valuable to me was that, in 2013, I realized that I wasted a lot of time doing the work without writing down a plan. Once I went to the conference, I learned how to write everything down and plan how to do everything I need to do on a daily basis. Now, in 2014, I am going to plan everything and write it down. Not just write it down, but I am going to put it in action and do it. I am so thankful for these ladies who inspired me to do my best.

On this coming Monday, I will make a presentation to approximately 20 female students at the Homestead Job Corps Center where I am currently studying. I will share what I learned at the Bullish Conference and hopefully, I will help others in the future to manage their time and do their best.

The Bullish Conference 2013 might be over, but we’re already getting ready for the 2014 edition. You can get more details and reserve your spot here. And for those who want to get started right away, you can download the worksheet from Jen’s “Design Your 2014” seminar here. Enjoy, Bullicorns!