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Ladies love Internet. We strongly prefer it to a society based on lifting heavy things and clubbing people. Here are many places where we’d like to hang out with you on the Internet!


GetBullish is on Instagram – here to motivate, inspire, spread a bit of conference news, and otherwise get the (coffee-fueled office) party on! Jen also maintains a personal account you can follow.

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You can follow @getbullish, @bullishcon, and @jendziura on Twitter, and if you are a lady whose Twitter name sounds more or less like the name of a real person, we will follow you back!

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We’ve got all kinds of crazy Pinterest boards! Take a look at Quotes for Bullicorns, Workspaces for Bullicorns or Feminist Goodies.  Here’s Get Bullish. And here’s GetBullish’s slate of Pinterestingness! May we politely suggest a “Follow All”?

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DailyBull, the Official GetBullish Tumblr, so named because we believe in daily doses of bullishness (also, you can ask anonymous questions there).

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Jen has started putting slides from her talks at companies and universities on Slideshare.



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