BullCon18 – Sabrina Frometa with “How to hack work for justice: Speaking truth to power without getting fired”

BullCon18 is right around the corner! We’re thrilled to welcome BullCon16 attendee Sabrina Frometa back this year as a speaker!

Sabrina will be leading a workshop titled: “How to hack work for justice: Speaking truth to power without getting fired

We caught up with Sabrina for a quick Q&A. Get the inside scoop below!

Hi Sabrina! Can you tell us a tiny bit about your topic and what to expect from you at BullCon18?

“How to hack work for justice: Speaking truth to power without getting fired” is a conversation and interactive workshop empowering the ever-conscious and powerfully ‘woke employee’ to lead their workplaces to justice. No longer can we just rely, solely on HR to handle issues of humanity. Every one of us can change the game and it’s starts with telling your truth.

In the U.S., people spend ⅓ of their lifetime hours at work. That’s a whole of time with the same group of people sharing space, culture and values. It is in those places where we are forced to get along and get things done together, and not where we choose to do so, that we have the best chance of meeting some of the most profound challenges facing American society today.

This workshop will help folks at all levels communicate their individual truths, while keeping themselves and others accountable. We should be able to define who we are and what it takes to work with us: preferences, values, quirks and all.  So what if we could shorten the learning curve for others by making explicit, things that might otherwise take weeks, months, or even years, to uncover?

In this session, participants will identify, understand and leverage their differences to better communicate their truths at work. The goal here is to inspire change within yourself, your teams and the organization at large.

So when a client requests a male colleague to join a briefing or a person of color feels unwelcome because their accent is considered out of the Euro norm, participants and their organizations will have the communal resolve and tools to confront and innovate, for good.

Without giving too much away, what’s one small step that employees can take to improve justice in their workplace?

The New York City MTA slogan says it best “See something. Say something”. And that’s exactly what we recommend as a first step in fighting injustice in our everyday lives.

Here are a few tips on how to get started to improve justice in your workplace:

1) Remind yourself that you matter: You are invaluable, whether it’s an emotional, bottom-line, or a seemingly small contribution to your workplace, jot it all down for yourself.

2) Recall a moment when you felt or experienced an injustice at work: Whether it happened to you, to a client or to someone else, define a moment where domination created silence, discomfort, inaction and/or shame. Using all your senses, take the time and space to acknowledge when something is off.

3) Write down what you would have done to address the incident if you were CEO.

4) Get ready to share this at BullCon 2018 and learn how to say and do something about it!

Is there anything else we should know/you want to share?

Over 100 million US consumers believe a company’s actions and reputation are just as important as their product. So how will brands, businesses and corporations respond to the ever-growing public discontent with issues of lack of injustice, diversity, discrimination, bias, and exclusion?

Our response is to ignite pressure by mobilizing. Currently, we are collecting anonymous ratings of businesses and corporations based on justice markers as a means to give voice to what consumers care about the most: truth and justice: join the movement today!

We can’t wait to learn more! How can we stay in touch until fall?


IG: yaya_today

If you’d like to talk justice and work, send me an email at frometas@yayatoday.com

Join Sabrina and the rest of the bullicorns this fall in Palm Springs at The Bullish Conference.

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