BullCon17 Social Media Roundup

After a whirlwind of incredible workshops, badass seminars and networking with incredible feminists we’re still on a high from The Bullish Conference. Here’s a collection of our favorite social media posts from the weekend.

#BullCon17 off to a 👌 start

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Getting our check in table ready #bullcon17

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Our check-in table looking sexy #killingit #BullCon17

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Pretty happy with my #bullcon17 swag bag!

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How YOU Can Help Create Gender Equality in the Workplace and Further Your Career at the Same Time – Romy Newman


How job satisfaction correlates with maternity leave taken. Brand new data from @fairygodboss! @getbullish #bullcon17

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How to Recover After Life Punches You in the Face – Mariah MacCarthy


Favorite line out of #bullcon17 so far.

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Floss one tooth – @mariahmwrites #BullCon17

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You Already Have Your First Client You Just Don’t Know It – Ijeoma Nwatu Enemanna


You’ve Got This – Practical Advice For New Managers – Caro Griffin


The lovely Caro talking about management. #bullcon17

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Caro talking about the power managers have to set the tone of their own culture. #bullcon17

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YAAAAAAS QUEEN! Slay All Day at #bullcon17

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Investing Like a Badass – Lillian Karabaic

Lillian Karabaic @anomalily on investing like a badass #bullcon17

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From “Token” to “Asset”, How to use being different to your advantage – Janice Omadeke

Forget the noise with Janice Omadeke on “from token to asset” #bullcon17 @thementormethod

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General Assembly Coding Workshop + Happy Hour – Lauren Jacobson

Coding workshop by @ga_dc for #bullcon17 #coding #learntocode #womenwhocode #code #conference #workshop

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“Programming is creative; it requires both the left brain and the right brain.” #bullcon17 @ga_dc

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The Future is Female, But Are We Ready for Male Reactions – Demi Ajayi and Nekpen Osuan

Side Hustle Queens – Starting and Balancing your Side Hustle and Life – Jasmine Smith, Chianti Lomax, and Dominique Broadway

How to Write the Best Goddamn Interoffice Memo the World Has Ever Seen – Kathryne Dunlap

So here for this. #bullcon17

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*organization intensifies* #bullcon17

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#Repost @dwnerds ・・・ Chatting about nonzero y axis start points at #bullcon17.

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Pop Up Shop + Phonetic Eyewear

#bullcon17 #sisterpower👭 #glasseson @phoneticeyewear

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Launch of xstatement at #bullcon17!

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Own Your Future with Kara Davidson and Stephanie Judd

This is the content I came for ! #futureself #bullcon17 #goals #workbooks #biggerandbetter

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Tools Systems and Processes – Emily Chapman

Pretty sure these stirrers make every drink better. #BullCon17

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