5 Reasons to Join The Bullish Society This Month


5 Reasons to Join The Bullish Society

The Bullish Society is a supportive community of career-oriented feminists getting shit done. Inside you’ll find the motivation, support and information you need to take your career and life to the next level. A well-organized, well-designed community that can scale to thousands of members while still feeling close-knit, relevant and valuable to each and every member.

And if this isn’t enough, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Reasons why you need the Bullish Society in your life ASAP.


Each month we bring in an expert (or experts!) to share their knowledge, lead a challenge and answer your career, life and relationship questions. We’ve had time tracking experts, personal and professional stylists, imagination workshops, book publishing experts and coaches that have helped members become the boss of their own life.


Business Idea Brainstorming

Starting a business can be freakin’ scary. And all of your friends think you’re brilliant, so they’re not going to give you constructive, honest feedback. They’re not going to be objective. In the Bullish Society, we have a specific thread for testing out your business ideas. That means you can crowdsource ideas, get realtime feedback and practice pitches with bullicorns in all walks of life. You’ll receive honest feedback, brilliant ideas and might even find yourself a business partner…


Online Networking Opportunities

Introverted? Want to network from your couch with your cat and a glass of wine? Us too. The Bullish Society is chalk full of badass bullicorns with expertise, wisdom and the will to help other feminists succeed. You can keep in touch with BullCon attendees, e-meet potential business partners, and build meaningful connections with ass-kicking bullicorns from across the globe. We set up one-on-one Live Chats, facilitate group chats and offer the opportunity to ask questions, get advice and connect with like-minded feminists.

See Jen’s article on Networking for Introverts here

Freebies, Discounts and #Swag!

Our Bullish Society members have access to free and discounted webinars, online courses, free live chats and special store discounts. Jen recently released a “Thinking More Productively about Money” webinar that’s available exclusively for Bullish Society members.

Plus we’ve crowdsourced our Bullicorn Hacks ebook and it’s free for Society members…


IRL Snail Mail Birthday Gifts

Who even does this? We do! We send out Bullish birthday surprises to each of our members during their birthday month because the world may be a dumpster fire, but it’s still nice to get mail, especially if it’s pink and motivates you to #smashthepatriarchy.

A surprise package! How lovely! #bullish #bullicorn #getbullish #hustletogether #bullishsociety #hustle

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We have a 14-day free trial happening right now. Join The Bullish Society here.