Announcing Busy Bowl Club, the Slow Cooker Meal Kit That Lets You #SlayAllDay

Jen here! If you follow me personally, you might wonder what I’ve been doing lately.

I have been writing fewer articles, for sure. I had a baby in November right in the middle of the holiday retail season, and right after we launched The Bullish Society. Jenny P. came on board full-time in February and we opened a new office/warehouse in Industry City, Brooklyn in March.

And I’d been asking myself: Our store is great, but what can we sell that people need?

Food. People need food. Without an hour’s worth of chopping.

And thus…

For some months we’ve been crafting a slow cooker meal kit plan for busy #bossladies who don’t have time to spend 45 minutes chopping carrots every day.

Here is a long tweetstorm I sent about it!


Busy Bowl is designed to be less expensive, less time consuming and offer more food than traditional meal kit plans – as well as more flexible in terms of whether you’re feeding just yourself (with lunches for work!), a couple, or a family. Throw the food into the slow cooker before work and come home to a delicious, nourishing meal.

You may have read my advice about starting a biz with an MVP (see also our side hustle webinar!) And that’s exactly what I’m doing – quietly launching a three week trial with just 20 customers, and a ton of surveys! Get feedback, iterate, expand.

Learn more, and sign up here for an invite for the fall.