2017 Roundup – A Year of Bullishness

2017 has been a dumpster fire for a lot of reasons BUT, we did have some pretty kickass Bullishness happen this year too.

95 ambitious, badass bullicorns took Washington DC for our annual Bullish Conference. It was our 5th annual summit, and by far the biggest and best yet. We had a pop up market, tons of amazing workshops and even signature bullicorn cocktails.

The Bullish Society saw some amazing Experts-in-Residence, welcomed monthly challenges, Live Chats, networking opportunities and brought together feminists from around the world.

We moved Bullish HQ to a new office/warehouse and are currently shipping TONS of holiday packages out every day.

We launched the Beta test for Busy Bowl Club, learned new things about shelf-stable sausage, and rocked pink latex aprons and head wraps in a commercial kitchen.

Here is our annual roundup of what went down this year in the bulliverse.


Bullish Articles:

How To Automate All The Things So You Can Freakin’ Live

About Those “Friends” Who Keep Trying To Sell You Goddamn Nail Wraps

A Not-Very-Relatable Post About Taking Zero Maternity Leave and Doing All the Things and Everything Working Out Just Fine

How to Maintain Your Resist/Work/Life Balance 

The One Time I Got Called a Feminazi on Morning Talk Radio (I was 16)

The “Failure” of Feminist Companies is Due to What, Exactly?

I Worked for a Guy Like Mike Pence. It Was … As Expected.

Slay and Get Paid: How Introverts Can Kill It at Negotiating 

Slay and Get Paid: The One Thing You Need to Start Your Business 

Slay and Get Paid: How to Sell Your Services Without All The Awkward Selling

Bullish eBooks:

Get the New #bullicornhacks ebook – Life Hacks from Badass Feminist Readers

Design Your 2018 workbook 


Bullish Q&A:

Freelance Rights and How to Negotiate a Contract

Bullish Q&A: Want To Do ALL THE THINGS? Focus By Defining Your Endgame.

Bullish Q&A: Help! I’m About to Get Fired But I Want to Stay


Bullish Podcasts and Interviews:

Sarah Stars: Designing Your Life, “Having It All” and Meditating in Hotel Bars 

Fei’s World: Jennifer Dziura – the fearless woman behind Get Bullish

Fairygodboss: Fairygodboss of the Week: Jennifer Dziura


Bullish Updates:

Bullish Is Moving! To a real bosslady office/warehouse 

Announcing Busy Bowl Club, the Slow Cooker Meal Kit That Lets You #SlayAllDay

BullCon17 Social Media Roundup


Cheers to a great year! We can’t wait to see you in 2018!

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