Announcing: Bullish Community All-Out No-Bullshit Liberal AF Fundraiser, $15K Goal (UPDATE: GOAL DOUBLED, $30K RAISED!)


The list of people who will be in danger during a Trump presidency, with a Republican-controlled Congress, is astronomical.

We’re worried about hate crimes that are already on the rise. We’re worried about women who need abortions (and possibly even legal defense after accessing abortions). We’re worried about Muslim kids terrified to ride the bus. We’re worried about same-sex marriages being dissolved, and people’s kids being taken away. We’re worried about people losing their health care, and especially people with pre-existing conditions. We’re worried, as always, about police brutality against black people. We’ve seen “Black lives don’t matter” spray-painted on walls. We’re worried about the militarization of police. We’re worried about racial profiling and the return of stop and frisk. We’re worried about gay kids committing suicide or running away from home and needing a place to go. We’re worried about “conversion therapy.” Trans people have never not been in serious danger. None of this looks good for those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. We don’t even know what to say about climate change, since we, as a human community, were doing far too little before, but certainly we are steps closer to a planet unlivable for humans.

Collective solutions are what is needed, but it’s always the job of people of conscience to step in and fill the gaps. In a functioning modern state, those gaps are usually small: sometimes your neighbor falls off a ladder and you go help them out, and then their disability checks kick in. This now seems adorable, that you could glue society back together by baking a pie sometimes. In a state that reneges on its basic obligations to its citizens, however, the gaps are enormous. They are unfillable. America has always been somewhat this way: you read about year-long paid maternity leave, or people who care full-time for family members receiving a “carer’s allowance,” or people getting cancer and never even thinking that they might lose their house – sometimes you just don’t even know what you, as an American, were blinded to as a way to run a society. New York City tries sometimes to run itself as a little socialist state, and we do okay with universal pre-K and ads on the subway for free prenatal care and credit counseling. But then I saw an ad in the subway for a private charity that provides glasses for kids – a kid who can’t see the board can’t learn. And I thought, Jesus fucking Christ why is that a private charity and not just a thing that we as a society have decided to do?

The gaps are very large and are about to grow exponentially.

Bullish is a community focused around work, and around arranging satisfying and rewarding work without giving too much of yourself to corporations, without getting taken advantage of, without enduring too much bullshit. Individual action is no substitute for systemic change, but it’s often much faster, more flexible – and the world takes all kinds. Some people are good at building coalitions, some people are good at funding that work.

So we’re having a fundraiser here at Bullish.

How to participate:

1. Make a donation or many donations to any organizations on the list below. If you’ve already done this since Tuesday, that counts too.

2. Send us a screenshot of the donation screen or your confirmation email that includes an amount so we can keep a total. (Feel free to black out any other personal info.)

That’s it! Given the size of the Bullish community, we’ve $15K as a goal.

Send your screenshots to or post in The Bullish Society. We’ll display them here, like a graphical quilt of fuck-you and love.


Our list:


Southern Poverty Law Center

Planned Parenthood

National Network of Abortion Funds



Black Lives Matter

Immigration Equality

America’s Voice

Border Angels

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

The Trevor Project

Dakota Access Pipeline / Standing Rock


EMILY’s List

Notes: We’ve tried to focus on issues that are most violently impacted by this week’s events, as well as those that have specifically updated their websites/focus to address the challenges of a Trump presidency. While there are many abortion rights organizations doing amazing work, Planned Parenthood is specifically under legal attack (and seemingly always is), so we prefer to focus there, and on abortion funds that funnel your money directly to individuals needing abortions. We did some crowdsourcing on immigration rights. As for hate crimes, Southern Poverty Law Center is fighting (and tracking) hate and extremism across many affected demographics.

Note also that many organizations allow you to donate in someone’s name. This, of course, has no effect on the impact of your money, but it might provide some satisfaction to enter “Hillary Clinton” on a form somewhere, or to sponsor an abortion in honor of Mike Pence. It’s okay to have a little fun as long as you do something. Some people are donating $59 (or $5.90 or $590) in honor of 59 million people voting for Hillary. But you do you.

Send us your screenshots!

Total so far: $30,608

Update: Goal DOUBLED!!! We do not fuck around! We are now closing this fundraiser – keep donating, but we won’t be posting any more screenshots (we think we might be freezing some browsers already)!