New in the GetBullish Shop: French Feminism, Whiskey, Unicorn Socks


When we’re not planning our annual conference or dispensing aggressive-lady advice here on the site, we’re sitting in a tiny warehouse surrounded by socks that say “fuck” on them. As in, Fuck This Shit or My Cat Is Cool as Fuck. Yeah, that’s our business model. There are also a lot of unicorns. Feminist unicorns.

Here are some delightful new items in our shop. Above: Je Suis Feministe Large Tote with Metallic Accents.


Vote Female Large Tote with Metallic Gold Accents. I see no reason not to “vote with your vagina,” if you’ve got one, considering how often politicians try to regulate it.


Let’s celebrate whiskey with this Whiskey Felt Party Banner. (We also have banners that say CAT LADY and I’M A MERMAID.)

And where are you going to put all that whiskey? Well, if your career is going really well…

vesuviusUltra-Luxe Vesuvius Bar Cart in Rose Gold acropolisUltra-Luxe Acropolis Bar Cart in Rose Gold

Out of your price range? NO WORRIES. Why is this chicken into Motherfucking Girl Power? WHY THE FUCK NOT.

Untitled 2

Amazing soaps. Girl Power soap is scented with lavender and vanilla. Bossy Cat soap is scented with white tea and violet. Great gifts, great small luxuries.


480x640-11_1024x1024 STOP THE MANSPLAINING. Just Stop Talking. Stop Talking Socks, that is.


I’m a Special Unicorn Socks

But more importantly: I’m a Delicate Fucking Flower Socks.


Okay, we really just have a lot of socks. We don’t care if it’s summer. Socks are awesome.
Untitled 3

We also have a lot of glam and metallic temporary tattoos. It’s summer, why not have a little fun?

Untitled 4

Why not add some flamingos to your life with these excellent to-do list shaped spiral notepads?


Or get your shit really, really together with the SELF Journal.


Did you know we now offer merit badges? Download a checklist of career- and life-enhancing to-do’s. Check them off and we’ll mail you an actual badge in the actual mail! You’re a feminist career scout!



Bullish exclusive! Sleep then Slay nightshirt, in sizes to 3X.

Hand silk-screened by woman artist Glukkake, just like our Robot Gender Roles Feminist Onesie, GetBullish Crest Tote, GetBullish Flowy Crest Tee, and Bullish (Wo)manifesto Canvas Print.

Not everything says fuck on it. Isn’t this pretty? Eyelash Dreamer Makeup Bag.


Feminist With a To-Do List Enamel Pin in Black and Gold

And don’t forget, we also offer tickets to the 4th Annual Bullish Conference in Palm Springs this September 18-21! And take-charge webinars on topics from multiple income streams to negotiating to succeeding despite sexism.

Always FREE SHIPPING on all purchases over $35, no code needed.

Oh, and I almost forgot – we’re having a bigass sale. 25% off everything in our “July” collection with discount code JULY. SHOP THE SALE HERE.

Thanks for reading, and stay Bullish!

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