The GetBullish Feminist Gift Guide

The GetBullish

The holidays approach! And we have suggestions for all your holiday shopping, provided that you only buy gifts for feminists. (I mean, obviously, right?)

We’ll update and boost this post periodically as we add new products to our store, and find cool new products around the Web.

Womanifesto bag

The GetBullish (Wo)manifesto Bag – one for $20 or two for $35 (plus free shipping!)

The Get Bullish (Wo)manifesto Canvas Print is ready to hang on your wall.

leafNoonday Collection is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create
meaningful opportunities around the world. We love these Colorblock Leaf Earrings.

Solid Gold

From the Bullish shop: On-Point Feminist Pencil Set in Solid Gold


Also from the Bullish shop: Bad*ss B*tch Pencil Set in Silver

Kanye quote

Look, if you don’t think this is amazing, I’m not sure we can be friends:
“Not Smiling Makes Me Smile” Framed Kanye West Quote Sign

Sasa Designs by the Deaf employs and empowers Deaf women in Kenya by giving them
the opportunity to support themselves by training them to create handmade jewelry.
Shop for jewelry online, or buy an annual subscription.

Adult coloring books are super popular right now! Bullish is still working on ours, but in the meantime, here are some awesome pro-woman books:


Color My Fro: A Natural Hair Coloring Book for Big Hair Lovers of All Ages

Fat Ladies in Space

Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace: a body-positive coloring book

UglyBaby's Feminist Art

WTF OMG we love it.
UglyBaby’s Shower Art – Feminist Art for Your Bathroom: Go Get Your Almost Equal Pay

Vagin Dentata Underwear

By Glukkake, the screenprinter behind all the GetBullish totes:
Vagina Dentata Glow-in-the-Dark Underwear


The GetBullish Crest Tote, screenprinted by Glukkake, displays the original GetBullish crest, which celebrates the values of caffeination, intellectualism, justice, and gentlewomanly pleasure. Also, there are wings on it, and a bullicorn!

The crest also comes on a matching Soft Flowy Tee.


Make your own (Wo)manifesto with the Magnetic (Wo)manifest Kit: Feminist-ify Your Refrigerator

Fly your feminist flag with handmade jewelry and gift items from our Betty Collection.


Give 12 months of gifts and motivation with the Bullish Gift Society – 12 month gift membership. Each month from Dec 2015 to Nov 2016, you or your gift recipient receives a surprise gift, including items you see here in the shop, as well as items just for our Bullish Gift Society members.