October 15 Webinar – The Elder Stateswoman: Age with Power and Panache


Join us for a live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. This time? THE ELDER STATESWOMAN.

We know #BullCon15 just happened, and we haven’t quite gotten around to all the news. But we wanted to make sure you knew about the webinar this Thursday.

October’s webinar is about BECOMING AN ELDER STATESWOMAN / gentlewoman / catlady.

Are you only, say, 23? This is for you. We live in a world in which I have literally heard women say they have to be successful while they’re “still hot” or it “won’t count.” Society doesn’t encourage us to look forward to aging. And yet:

Deb retouched2 copy
A photo from one of our favorite blogs, Advanced Style.

Make yourself a cocktail and join us online! Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 8pm EST.

Before the webinar, you’ll have the option of contributing a bio, as well as answering a question or two on the topic. Contributions will be collected into a beautiful, link-friendly “yearbook” sent out to everyone after the webinar.

RECORDINGS: We’ve noticed we have a lot of bullicorns in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand! If you’re not in a convenient time zone to attend the webinar, a recording will be provided. You can watch when it’s convenient to you, and then join the discussion in our secret Facebook group.

Register here. See you online!