Bullish Blog Network: How to Launch

post image - March April blog networkSpring is the harbinger of “new beginnings” – why not take advantage of this biological drive to create by launching your next gig? Our industrious bullicorns share their tips.


Caitlin at I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know – How to Launch Into Being a Graduate!

Engage: You don’t have to go straight into the ‘perfect’ job, in fact it might take time to find that! However regardless of what you spend your first year doing,  you need to keep engaged & plugged into the industry!

Lula at LulaVida.com – 4 Tips for How to Launch Anything!

Research what successful people in your field are doing; the equipment or programs they are using, the conferences or events they are attending, the books they are reading. Pick out the pieces that sound appealing or relevant to what you are working on and then utilize those ideas or actions as they fit your needs.

Eva at Simply Put Strategies – Three, Two, One, Ignition: Launch!

It’s tempting to wait to launch until everything is perfect: your website, your edits, your logo design, your finances. But this is a trap.