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Perfect Workspace

It’s the time of year when huddling inside and hiding from the snow/sleet/cold seems like the best idea. Maybe you’re feeling the temptation to call a “snow day”, but our bullicorns have ideas to make your snuggly workcave the most productive space it can be.


Katie at KDShives.com – The Perfect Workspace

The Bathtub:  Wait, what? Really?

Yes, you’re read that correctly. I have been known to consider the bathtub a “work space” when I have a large chunk of reading to do. Because really, no one ever said you have to be dry to read scientific journal articles.

Caitlin at I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know – What Really Is The ‘Perfect’ Work Space?!

For me that isn’t a desk with inspirational prints above on the walls – it is anywhere with great coffee and free wi-fi! I’m not sure why I always wanted that perfect desk, partially because I thought it would make me more productive, cooler, interesting, hip – the list could go on!

Lula at LulaVida.com – Creating Your Perfect Workspace For $40

I personally enjoy sticking imported Japanese stickers of sparkly kittens riding giant strawberries all over my day planner. Not only will buying a few quirky, quality supplies make you feel better about yourself, but it can also show your clients that you are stylish and pay attention to details… and add some pizazz to your Instagram work snaps.

Jamie at On Believing and Asking — If Work is Ubiquitous, Then What is a Workspace?

If workspace can be just about anywhere, then perhaps it is more a headspace than physical location bound by four walls and a door dedicated for work. Work occupies a chunk of mind space.

Melissa at The Live Poets Society — My Ideal Work Space: ER/Writing/Motherhood

So Bullish asked me about my ideal workspace. Only I have at least three.

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