Bullish Blog Network: Using the Holidays to Recharge and/or Get Things Done

It’s time for another Bullish Blog Network roundup. And while everyone else is slowing down and guzzling eggnog, our ultra-productive bullicorns are sharing their tips on getting ahead during the holidays.

From Katie at KDShives.com – Using the Holidays to Recharge and Get Ahead:

The first step is identifying those tasks that you want to work on, whether it’s launching a blog, updating your resume, or taking the time to send holiday greetings to your professional network to keep contacts fresh. The second part is seizing the rare quiet moments during the holidays to implement these plans. Basic, easy ways to fit these tasks in would include waking up earlier in the morning to spend an hour updating your resume for that new job you want in 2015 and using those odd windows in time when nothing seems to be happening, like about 3-6 pm on a Saturday. Even better are the extra vacation days that come with the holiday season since you can construct your day however you see fit; just be sure to head into these blocks of time with a plan or you risk losing potentially productive time to puttering on low-priority tasks.

Caitlin from I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know? – How to use the holidays to get things done!

Instead of just writing one to-do list with EVERYTHING written on it, plan it day by day. If you are wanting to learn a language set aside a certain amount of time each day in which to do just that!

I am much more of a night owl when it comes to productivity, which is terrible when I have to get up at 5.30am for work! When setting time aside to do work, I usually put it between 9 & 11pm. Which means I can totally get away with setting up camp on the sofa during the day!

Jackie from Jackiescripps.com – 5 Easy Steps for Making the Holidays Enjoyably Productive:

Sure, it’s holiday time. There is a preference to be comfy and cozy. I absolutely love lounging around in my yoga clothes or paint-spattered cutoffs. When I have downtime, this is my uniform, but if I am planning to spend the holidays plotting world domination, I don’t want to trick myself and fall into the comfort trap! If you will be rocking wool socks and baggy sweaters, at least try putting those Ugg boots on. Your clothes reflect your mindset. If you are wearing pajamas all day, you will be much more likely to hop back into bed for some extra z’s or decide to call it quits and binge on Netflix. If you are fully dressed and ready to greet the day, or at least walk to the mailbox, you are more likely ready to get down to business.

Melissa from Live Poet’s Society – Five Things I Learned from NaNoWriMo—And How To Have A Productive Yet Peaceful Holiday

I did wind sprints once with my brother, like this: race as fast as you can. Walk. Then race again.

That’s kind of how I not only nailed NaNoWriMo by day 17 (would have hit it sooner, but y’know, had to drive to Kingston and motivate some talented young people at CUCOH, plus swim with my kids), but in that month, I not only banged out 50K, but 71,861 words of fiction. Not bad for a newbie.

Jamie from On Believing and Asking – How to Survive and Thrive Over the Holidays:

Go, go, go is like ingrained in me from watching my parents work so hard. Relaxing without guilt feels unnatural and takes work for me. But I know it is vital to one’s health and sanity (and the irony is not lost on me as I bang this one out at quarter to eleven on a school night).

So now I carve out at least ten minutes every morning to sit in solitude and silence.

Jessica at Jessica Says – 5 Ways to Use December to Make 2015 Awesome:

I know all about the evils and temptations of procrastination, as I’m sure you do. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could put an end to our minds’ aimless wandering and embrace a more focused, productive way of working? I’m talking no open tabs (unless the ones you absolutely need to use – be honest with yourself, now!) and no distractions – just pure, unadulterated flow and spellbinding results. 

Does that sound good to you? Fantastic! Now, what if I told you that it was far easier than you could ever imagine and that all it took was a kitchen timer and a little discipline (I bet you see where I’m going now…)?

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