Best of Bullish 2014: Roundup and Reading List

An important part of any business is evaluation, so as we look ahead at conquering 2015, it’s nice to look back and celebrate the successes of the current year. I wrote a lot of Bullish columns and answered a lot of bullicorn questions.

We had the second Bullish Conference! We had a year of Bullish webinars! (You can sign up for the 2015 All Access Pass here.)

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, here’s a handily-categorized directory of the past year in bullishness.

(Although if you only read one article, it should probably be How to be Productive When You’re a Little Tipsy. Enjoy!)


What Can I Do About A Friend’s Horrible Boyfriend?

Do Not Hate-Nest With A Guy

Company Dinners & Boyfriends

Ending a Platonic Relationship

Never Getting Laid Again, Ever

Why Get Married? What’s the Damn Point?

How to Turn Down Guys Without Excuses, Apologies or Dissimulation


Bullish on The Muse… Dear Everyone: Let’s Ban “Working Mom” From Our Vocabulary

How to Maintain Your Gravitas in the Face of Street Harrassment

How Do I Tell An Interviewer I Left My Last Job Because of Sexism?

What About Your Awful Sexist, LGBT-phobic “Friend”?

What I Learned About Business From Selling Girl Scout Cookies (i.e., Not What The Girl Scouts Had In Mind)


Bullish on The Muse… Elegance Hacking : The Secret to a Calmer, Happier Work Day

Bullish on The Muse… Crowdsourcing May Not Be New, But it’s the New Best Way to Get Your Work Done

Interview with Babescrub founder Kim Peirce

How to Break Into A New Field (Even When You’re Starting Out Late)

How Can You Get a Mean Boss to Like You?

How To Win A (What Fresh Hell Is This?) “Group Interview

I’m Just Breaking Into My Field. Is it OK to Ask for Free Stuff?

How to Get Paid (Doing Work That Doesn’t Pay Well)

Bonding & Insuring a New Company

Should I Learn to Code at Age 27?

Getting Rid of Asshole Clients

Career Mobility, Decisions, And Interior Design

“I get nervous and choke up in interviews”

Help! I Don’t Have Any Job Skills (Does English Count?)

Dealing With Gaps in Your Resume

“You Always Say to Develop Quantitative Skills, But I’m An English Major?”


Interview with Lodro Rinzler of “The Buddha Walks into the Office”

Managing Energy & Staying Productive

How Do I Pull Myself Out of This Godforsaken Hole?

The Truth About Egg Donation

Jen on HuffPo…The New SAT: What Are We Really Testing? (Not What You Think)

Relaxing Without Masonry

Make Your Future Self Your Valentine

Using a Stage Name to Keep it Professional

When is it Time to Stop Getting Help From One’s Parents?

Advice for Teens – How to Get Started Getting Bullish

Can Drawing Your Problem Help You Solve It?

Bullish on The Muse… How to be Productive When You’re a Little Tipsy


p.s. Are you opening ALL THE TABS? In that case, here’s the 2013 roundup as well.