Meet BullCon14 Speaker Esme Weijun Wang

Esmé Weijun Wang is a writer, editor-for-hire, and mental health advocate. She is a word-smith fascinated by the creation of legacy, although she admits this may seem “outrageously hubristic.” She believes storytelling creates meaning, and in the power of collaboration and creative excellence.

With years of experiences in writing, marketing and editing, Esmé started her own microbusiness where she partners with visionary entrepreneurs, visionaries who, like Esmé, dream of changing the world, and need to tell their stories with elegant clarity.

Esmé is also a passionate mental health advocate, sharing her own and others’ stories in her blog, known as The Chronicles. Esmé’s lyrical writing and sincere, heartfelt ideas feel incredibly honest: check out her thoughts on the extraordinary act of remembering who you are, on “processing” and the prioritization of hard work, and obsession and the creative process. Her Twitter feed is the same mixture of the practical, joyful and touching.

You can find her writings about mental health and illness, soulful business, and the writing life, as well as her free book about Radical Sincerity, here.

Read her guest post on GetBullish here.

To meet Esmé and hear her thoughts about self-promotion and the inevitable limitations we all run up against, register for The Bullish Conference.