#BullCon14: Welcome to the Surfcomber Hotel

Bullish returns to the Surfcomber for the second year running!

I was originally inspired to hold the first annual Bullish Conference at Miami’s Surfcomber Hotel when I stayed there in 2011, just on vacation, and I SAW ALL THESE BULLS. Well, cows. Bulls? Hey, I live in New York; we don’t know a lot about animals.


Some other reasons I love The Surfcomber: amazing weather, immediate beach access. and a daily complimentary wine hour, not to mention luxurious poolside services, LGBT- and woman-positive programs, and epicurean delights at The Social Club — not to mention expert cocktails. (I need to be served drinks by a pool at least once a year. It’s sort of my thing now. I invite you to make it your thing also!)


Did I mention the pool?

Sign up for Kimpton’s Karma Rewards (previously InTouch) to get free wi-fi and a $10 bar credit during your stay.

We have 15 tickets left. I hope to see you in Miami.

Here‘s the official conference site. Use code FEMINISTUNICORN to get $50 off.