March 27: Multiple Income Streams Webinar (Recording Available)

Multiple Income Streams: You’re a Business, Woman

8pm EST


A live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. Make yourself a cocktail and join us online!

Note: This webinar was originally scheduled for March 13, and was postponed when Jen went into labor on March 12th. Vivian Violet was born March 14! If you have already purchased a ticket to the March 13 webinar, you’re good to go! Any problems, please email

Before the webinar, you’ll have the option of contributing a bio, as well as answering a question or two on the topic. Contributions will be collected into a beautiful, link-friendly “yearbook” sent out to everyone after the webinar.

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To register, check out here in our store. You’ll receive a receipt, after which Bullish general manager Haley will send you an email with your webinar link.

RECORDINGS: We’ve noticed we have a lot of bullicorns in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand! If you’re not in a convenient time zone to attend the webinar, a recording will be provided. You can watch when it’s convenient to you, and then join the discussion in our secret Facebook group.

See you online!