Design Your 2014 Webinar: Guest Post by Lauren Orsini

Guest post by Lauren Orsini

On Monday evening, New York time, hundreds of Bullicorns from Sydney, Australia, to Bloomington, Illinois, gathered in one chat room for the monthly Get Bullish webinar (and virtual cocktail hour, depending on each Bullicorn’s local time of day). This time, every attendee had at least one thing in common: we’d all bought Design Your 2014, Jen’s digital download for making the upcoming year our best yet.

I’d filled mine out on New Year’s Eve with an obligatory glass of red wine, and the experience had framed my 2014 goals in such a way that attending a free webinar on the topic was a no-brainer. In only eight pages, I’d realized that my routine did not reflect my goals. And my excuses for refusing to change weren’t fooling anyone. Before the webinar, Haley wrote to us about submitting slides detailing the epiphanies we’d experienced while filling out the exercise. Mine was about examining my excuses.

This webinar was a slideshow that combined pictures of kittens, Jen’s wisdom, and our own submitted slides. Clad in true Bullicorn fashion: a blazer and bright red lipstick, Jen dished out advice on everything a go-getting professional needs to know in 2014. Here are some gems that I just had to write down for later.

Jen on goal setting:

“Today’s January 20. That means if you set a goal that you haven’t done for 20 days, you haven’t given yourself a good enough reason to do it.”

On to-do lists:

“If your overall results are consistently good, there’s no need to do everything on your to-do list. The important things will always rise to the top.”

On money:

“Women are told to scrimp and economize; men are told to invest and ask for raises. Women’s magazines, with the exception of black women’s magazines, have terrible financial advice. Instead of trying to save $8,000, why not find ways to earn another $8,000?”

On Lean In philosophy:

Lean In is an absolutely joyless tutorial on how to give your entire life to a corporation while also having a husband and kids that are a lot of work. If you’re working that hard, there should at least be something rewarding about it.”

Meanwhile, Bullicorns were adding their own advice and tidbits and generally making one another (and Jen) laugh out loud. Lots of us also connected on Twitter and Facebook, and even made plans to meet in person.

At the end of the Q&A, Jen announced the next two Get Bullish webinars, which you can pre-register for now.

Thanks, Lauren! Check out Lauren’s site, OtakuJournalist, here.