Badass (Free!) Bullish Cross-Stitch Pattern OMG


Design by Alicia Watkins

In Bullish Life: Starting a Business After a Breakup, I wrote:

Dating is definitely financially stacked against men, and many men are understandably put out by that, but a small few use this fact to try to manipulate you — they order expensive stuff on your behalf, and then start groping you or telling racist jokes or whatnot, expecting that you’ll feel too uncomfortable to leave because someone just bought you a steak even though you actually wanted the pasta. You need some money so you don’t live your life feeling beholden. (Can we put “You need some money so you don’t live your life feeling beholden” on a cross-stitch sampler, please?)

On the GetBullish Facebook page, Alicia Watkins wrote:

I started my own business in December 2012 after a very serious break-up. It just so happens it was a cross stitch business, and it’s doing extremely well. So here’s that sampler you asked for, albeit in pattern form.

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OMG! Thanks, Alicia!