Please Welcome #BullCon Photographer Julie Lavoie, Here to Make You Look Fabulous

Super cute girl with glasses

Photo by Julie Lavoie

BullCon attendees, please welcome our official photographer, flying in from snowy Montreal!

Julie Lavoie is a photographer and digital artist from Montreal, Canada. She has taught workshops on photography as storytelling at international schools in Bangkok, Thailand and had a major photo exhibition about video games and urbanization in Asia. Her documentary talk on the city as a system in “How Bangkok Wakes Up” at TEDxBKK was highly praised by the advisor to the Thai prime minister. She loves bringing out the beauty in places and people, and looks forward to making all Bullish ladies look stylish and powerful in Miami.

You can see examples of her portraits and other photography here and here.

Julie will be photographing the conference activities, but also stealing each of you when possible for individual photos that you can use for your own projects later. (Author photo? Twitter avatar?) Yet another benefit of attending #Bullcon!

Everybody looks great in natural light with a beach behind them … at least with Julie behind the camera.

See you in Miami!