Follow #BullCon2013 in Every Possible Social Media Way Ever

It’s not too late to register for the Bullish Conference, happening in Miami this November 29 – December 1!

Want to follow Bullish and the conference online? (As opposed to IRL, which sounds awkward?)



First, here’s our Facebook page! We update it daily.




You can follow @getbullish and @jendziura on Twitter, and if you are a lady whose Twitter name sounds more or less like the name of a real person, we will follow you back! (Yep, that’s our official Twitter policy.)




We’ve got all kinds of crazy Pinterest boards! Here’s Jen’s Bullish Thoughts and Bikinis and Blazers. Here’s Get Bullish. And here’s GetBullish’s slate of Pinterestingness! May we politely suggest a “Follow All”?




GetBullish also just joined Instagram, in preparation for all the conference shots of gorgeous beaches and amazing ladies that we will undoubtedly be posting.


Update: And now there’s a Flickr account, with conference photos by Julie Lavoie.

Come say hello on any of these fine social media platforms. Stay Bullish!