Bullish Conference Kicks Off

Under a breezy portico, a well-dressed group of young women are breakfasting on quiche and coffee. They represent companies large and small, from all different points in their career, from different states and countries, including Canada and Brazil. They have traveled from far and wide to come to Miami, taking this time to develop their careers and define their goals. Drawn by the promise of sun, sand, and practical personal development, the group is gearing up for a day of workshops, networking, and cocktails.

As they settle into their seats, Jen Dziura, giver of aggressive lady-advice, serial entrepreneur, and convener of the Bullicorns, takes the stage. Jen’s advice columns on the Gloss, and on her own website www.getbullish.com have touched a nerve in this audience. In the opening remarks, she discusses the evolution of her career advice cannon, starting with a quote from the very first bullish column, explaining why she has chosen the bull as the mascot of her movement. She explains that the Wall Street bull is the token animal of a strong, aggressive economy, and that the defining characteristics of the bull are his shiny brass testicles—the epitome of all things masculine and successful.

Around the room, the mascot of the bullicorn is displayed on backdrops and signage. It’s a snorting bull, rendered in purple with a white twirly horn. This mythical creature usurps the masculine image of the bull, representing a new approach to aggression. As Jen explains, the career advice for women is lacking, and it does not provide the tools for success in a male-dominated world. In the next two days, the the women at this conference will engage in workshops on negotiation, entrepreneurship , and life planning, developing the proverbial balls to succeed in a cutthroat business environment. But they’ll also drink cocktails by the pool and take group pictures wearing their own sparkly horns. This weekend, the Bullicorns will create their visions of success on their own terms.

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