Secret Bullicorns, Unite! Jessica Lloyd & Ellen Wernecke

My Secret Bullicorn is Ellen Wernecke. As a social media research analyst and freelance, Ellen has set herself up to become a powerhouse in her field. In 5 years, she hopes to incorporate more of her writing skills in her job by going into the strategy and execution side of social media analysis. Her current writing projects include writing fiction and nonfiction reviews for The Onion, Publishers Weekly, EDGE Publications and her blog, WORMBOOK. Ellen’s reviews are funny, sharp and insightful. Everyone go take a look!

Currently, the focus of Ellen’s social media day-job is to look at what people are talking about, and then to measure whether what they’re saying is good or bad. She gave me this example of doing social media research for healthcare companies: often, patients are unwilling to tell their doctors how they feel about drugs they take, but they post such feelings on message boards for fellow patients/potential patients to read. Healthcare companies need this feedback in order to better market their products, and that’s where Ellen comes in. Ellen’s favorite part about her job is becoming “a mini-expert” in the segment she researches.

Ellen is looking for a mentor in digital or social media that can help her sift through all of the career options she has ahead of her, and also sees her BA in Comparative Literature as an advantage. Ellen’s Bullish attitude and bomb writing skills will no doubt aid her to getting to her 5 year goal and beyond!
– Jessica Lloyd

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