Chelsea Clinton, Feminist

After Marissa Mayer’s insistence that she is not a feminist (yeah, thanks), this interview with Chelsea Clinton is refreshing:

Your mother has been an extraordinary champion of women’s issues. Do you call yourself a feminist, too?
Of course. And everyone I know is a feminist.

Some young people see the word as having bad connotations. You don’t shy away from it.
No. I think certainly for us—whether “us” is defined as my family or “us” is defined as CGI [Clinton Global Initiative]—we believe we have to keep talking about a problem and working on developing solutions to stubborn, not-yet-cracked challenges. And so many things that fall into that category relate to women and girls. It’s not only morally the right thing to do but it’s also the smart thing for us to do, to get to the better world we talked about earlier.

Chelsea Clinton and I are about the same age and we both had awkward adolescences (about as awkward as it is to say “awkward adolescences”), so I’ve always felt a certain affinity towards her.

When I was a 14-year-old “teen columnist” for the local newspaper and she was a 13-year old in the White House, I sent a letter to the President asking for permission to interview Chelsea. President Clinton had been pretty clear this his daughter was off-limits to the media, but I figured since I was a kid too, maybe I could be an exception. I didn’t hear back, but it never hurts to pitch.
– Jen