Secret Bullicorns, Unite! Emily Chapman & Kaite Welsh

Kaite Welsh’s breakthrough in becoming a professional writing came, in her own words, when she realized that the professional writers she know were not, in fact, “magical writing pixies” and that they didn’t have “a special certificate saying they were allowed to be a writer. They just had talent and the balls to use it.” She is, as you might expect from someone who uses the phrase “magical writing pixies,” an entertaining writer on a variety of things, most notably the arts and social justice issues. Kaite’s currently transitioning into writing closer to full time, as well as shopping around her novel (an excerpt of which can be found here), which focuses on a bullish lady from the past–a fallen woman in Victorian Edinburgh training to be a doctor and investigating the mysterious death of a young prostitute.

You can find Kaite’s work for the Guardian here, for The Girls Are here, her blog here, and her (very funny) Twitter account here. This weekend she’s teaching a workshop on starting your own blog, for those of you in the UK. She also writes “The Bodice Ripper,” a column on historical fiction, at For Books’ Sake. Basically, she spends a lot of time writing delightful things, and they are well worth a read. To end the writeup, here is Kaite’s excellent response to a question asking her to name a book that she loves:

“The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. If you don’t like insanely long 19th century novels with multiple narrators and ridiculous plots and possible subtextual lesbian incest, you might not enjoy it. I don’t care. It’s my favourite novel in the entire world and Marian Halcombe gives bad-tempered, less-attractive older sisters the role model they deserve.”