Secret Bullicorn Winners!

I shouldn’t have been surprised by the calibre of responses we received to our Secret Bullicorn introverted networking experience – after all, the people who sent them in are all regular Bullish readers. But I must say it was truly inspiring to read about the personalities of so many Bullicorns. We truly are a group comprised exclusively of hard-working, ball-busting, all-around-kicking-ass-and-taking-names-type ladies. We’ll be posting all of the write-ups starting next week.

The ten lucky winners of the Premium Linkedin Memberships (on behalf of Citi and Citi’s Connect: Professional Women’s Network) are listed below. We’ll be making Secret Bullicorn a regular feature on Get Bullish, so check back to apply for the next round!

Emily Chapman
Natalie Brown
Katie Shives
Crystal Storm
Zavi Smith
Lauren Orsini
Cherie Josephson
Madaleine Laird
Jessica Lloyd
Megan Van Groll